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150g – 30 servings

Say good morning (or afternoon!) to Cocoa Ramon, our very special non-caffeinated coffee alternative formula. This powdered mix of superfoods and roasted roots was blended to mimic the rich full taste of coffee. 

Naturally uplifting without added caffeine (just the smidgen you might find in a few sips of hot cocoa) Raven Roast Cocoa Ramon will keep you going through the day without compromising a restful night’s sleep.  

Prepare Raven Roast Cocoa Ramon as an instant beverage (great for camping!), or make it in a French Press for a more refined brew. It’s also an excellent addition to your smoothie or shake. Made with organic, gluten free, sugar-free and low-carb ingredients, it’s a non-caffeinated coffee alternative your body will love.



  • Organic Roasted Ramon– a superfood with a rich chocolatey coffee flavor.
  • Organic Fair Trade Cocoa– high in antioxidants with a deep rich flavor.
  • Organic Roasted Chicory– rich and fragrantly bitter- commonly used as a coffee substitute.
  • Organic Roasted Dandelion – a digestive bitter historically used as a coffee substitute in Europe.
  • Organic Ashwagandha– a trending adaptogen used to help manage life’s daily ups and downs. 
  • Organic Licorice root– Just a touch! Micro amounts of licorice root are used in traditional tea blends to harmonize formulas and flavors.