Welcome to the highest form of self care we can provide - connection. Our goal is to nurture the connections we make with everyone we encounter and help you deepen the relationships you have with the earth, yourself, and each other. We are inspired by people from all walks of life and are eager to dig deeper, find our roots, and live life with less judgement in our hearts.

*update* At the momento/last few years~ we've taken a huge pause, in the online world. At the end of 2020, with my frustrations with the world/censorship~I removed myself from the hell/fake-hole, that I like to call~social media. It ended up, not being enough. And a year later, my pining for Peace~ Led me to ditch, my smartphone. It's almost been 2 years without a cell~ and as annoying as it is for my hubby/everyone~ I will never go back! hahaha. the peace is too good! And landlines/huge cordless phones~ give me and our children-LIFE!

With all this being said~ I am feeling called to-start making videos/podcasts again.

Slow and Steady~ You can expect to see, more of me~ but for now~ my hands are full, for a smidge longer~ as we're getting ready for winter, and Facial season~has picked up, into high gear.


Coming Soon........


Simply put, we wouldn't be here without you. If you have a story you want to share, an experience you want to talk about, a connection you want to explore, or some insight into life and what the meaning of this mad world is, we want to hear it! Or if you simply need some good vibes sent your way and want us to ask our community to keep you in their thoughts, reach out.

Send us a message on our contact form located HERE and we will be in touch!


new podcast coming soon....

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