All wild women have a great story and Krystal's is born of truth and soul. If you sit with her, she will tell you from the day she was born peace was in her heart. Her mother will confirm, she has always been on the path to changing the world. From a young age, she felt called to touch people - not only with her hands through her spa work - but with her words and spirit.

Guided by the light, Krystal has never been afraid to step into darkness and confront what it holds. Only through experiencing the hurt and worry that courses through the most troubled minds can you ever understand what this Earth truly needs.


With a pure heart, Krystal has opened her arms to people from all class, creeds, and mindsets. An adventurer at heart, she travels through the world without judgement and allows herself and others to exist in their emotions. A born nurturer, she is driven to care for everyone she comes in contact with and meets their challenges and human experiences with an open heart.

A mother of three golden messengers, Krystal is surrounded by love from both her children and her lover/hubby, Jeff. Her support for others is unparalleled and she is dedicated to proving that even in the midst of turmoil love - and connection - will always find a way.

With the human design of a Projector, this woman knows she is here to guide others and will do so with compassion, trust, and an unwavering knowledge that there is more to life than simply surviving.

With her latest endeavour unfolding around her, she is stepping into her role and ready for the connections she will be nourishing, building, and celebrating.