Birth Support

The first words to come out of my mouth, after birthing, my first bone son…… 



The first words to come out of my mouth, when I was 9cm dialated, with my first born, daughter…..

‘I’m 9cms right now, and THIS ISN’T EVEN BAD!’ (As I was laughing my ass off, in the pool)


The first words to come out of my mouth, when my third, little Womie arrived….

’It’s a baby! (Ahhh yah… duh Krystal! Haha) and then my man was like ‘omg! Mom! It’s a GIRLIEPOO!!’ And I was like….

’Its A GIRLIEPOO! IT’s A GIRL!!? It’s A Girlipoo!!! Ah Hah Hah Hah (the wildest/beautiful cackle u ever heard! Haha) 


Ughhhhh. I’m obsessed. With all the moments. And yah…. Ever since giving birth in 2015…. I’ve felt the call, to spread the word… 

That giving birth, to these sweet, little earth angels, that magnificently, want to be here… right frickin now….. is the biggest gift in the world. Nothing beats, giving birth/bringing life into this world. And guess what…. It doesn’t have to be painful! When we let go of our fears, we open up the most beautiful possibilities, for the birth/time of our lives. In more ways than one.

2022 was the year, that forever, changed my life. I attended my first free/unassisted birth…… and my homie ended up having….. SURPRISE TWIN GIRLS!! I’ll never be able to unsee, what I seen that day. Not only was everything perfect….. but she birthed 2, beautiful, healthy little woman…. With EASE! At one point, when she first started, naturally pushing…. She was like ‘wow, I feel Like I’m not doing anything, my bodies pushing on it’s own’. As she smiled and waited for the next wave.


I’ve since attended 2 freebirths, and cannot deny, this is where my energy, makes the most sense. If you are on Vancouver Island, and planning a free/unassisted birth, and are looking for Birth Support, please reach out via email. I am in the Oceanside area, but am willing to travel, if it aligns for both of us. If you are planning a hospital birth or regulated birth at home, and would like birth support, I know a few, amazing Doula’s I can get you in contact with. Email me and I can share their info.


Lots of love! Xox Krystal

P.S. here are a few testimonials :) 


Krystal supported me through my first birth. From the moment I first met her I felt the warmth and love she exuded, but also the strength. Our visits prenatally gave me such confidence and prepared my mindset going into labour. Her recommendation of the Hypnobabies mediation was invaluable. During labour she knew without words what I needed and provided beautiful encouragement and physical and emotional support without taking from my partner's power. I'm so grateful for the space she held during the birth. 



A reflection of universal womanhood - a cosmic node channeling serenity. A rock grounded into the mountain - other than my wife, I could choose no other woman more to be with us at our birth. Such a blessing to have crossed paths with Krystal and to guide our children into this world with her. Thank you thank you thank you!
Krystal knew exactly when to enter my space, and when to get out of it. Her presence was that of a calm knowing and I’m truly grateful for her ability to hold space throughout my labour and delivery.  She was helpful with every aspect of my birth, as well as helping with other tasks, ie my other children, laundry etc. As Krystal supported me during my last few contractions, she  knew